Energy efficient homes and buildings with CG Smart Home

Discover more energy savings potential by optimizing heating and cooling, cutting off power guzzlers, using stored energy and more.

Smart teamwork maximizes energy savings. Energy management for smart homes



Smart teamwork maximizes energy savings


Energy management for smart homes

Smart teamwork maximizes energy savings  between lighting, shading, HVAC and more. The building will know how to operate so that it reduces wasted energy.

All functions can be monitored for energy usage, temperature regulation and even more when you integrate a solar energy system.

Our tip: Achieve a true passive home with a CG Smart Home system that can optimize stored energy to be used throughout the home.

Energy management for commercial buildings

Especially when it comes to larger buildings, you don’t want to let wasted energy go unchecked. With a 360 degree solution in place, you can worry less about how devices in the building are running – what lights are on, when heating is turned up.

It’s all taken care of automatically, but you still have full control and monitoring in the App – giving different permissions to users and staff.

Our tip: Keep different settings for rooms that are being used or unused so lights, HVAC, shading and more become fully optimized to save energy.


The entire energy management at your fingertips




Produce energy

Integrate a PV system into your intelligent building and use the self-produced electricity in a targeted manner. The CG Smart Home system knows the current power consumption and power production via an intelligent energy meter. The energy flow can be viewed at any time in the CG Smart Home App.

Manage energy

If there is a surplus of energy, up to 12 consumers can be intelligently switched on instead of feeding the energy into the grid. There is also the option of setting a user-defined deadline by which, for example, the laundry must be finished.

Charge with energy

Use the self-produced electricity from the photovoltaic system to charge the e-car. Specify the charging current, start and pause the charging process or store fixed charging times to use the cheap night rate.

Protect against overloading

CG Smart Home monitors the current load in the building at all times. If the maximum permissible power is exceeded, certain consumers are discarded and blocked depending on the prioritization. This reliably protects against overloading of the power connection or the supply line to the building.


Features & benefits


Reduce wasted energy:

Your home will know when to shut off products according to schedule, presence or duration in standby.

Room off & House off

With a double- or triple-tap on a switch, you turn off lights and connected devices in the room or whole house respectively.

Optimize heating & cooling

The highest savings potential comes from HVAC control – up to 40% less on your energy bill.

Monitor stats in the app

View data based on energy usage to realize your savings potential.

Manage power supply

The total current load is monitored and protected against overload.

Works with others

Our system remains “open” to communicate with others, like Tesla Powerwall.

Smart products to reduce wasted energy

A comprehensive solution with products and sensors that work together offers the most energy savings potential. All products know when to turn on or off on their own based on schedule and presence.

Presence sensors form the basis of energy efficient controls

LED lights lower your energy bill and carbon footprint

HVAC system and shading control work together for cost-effective heating

Monitory energy consumption in the App

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