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Restaurant of a global franchise brand saves 14,000 kWh of energy per month with brand system

Since the energy crisis started, energy costs have had a major impact on economic success and profitability in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

This project illustrates impressively the energy saving potential of restaurant chains. In a restaurant of a global franchise brand, among other things, an intelligent HVAC control was implemented, which made it possible to reduce energy consumption by 30% in a short time and without loss of comfort, thus significantly reducing the ecological footprint.

The numbers speak for themselves – and the environment

The restaurant can save energy that amounts to 14,000 kWh per month, which equals a return on investment of less than one month for the brand technology used.

Commercial customers benefit from a unique win-win situation: a small investment leads to impressive savings in a short time.

If you extrapolate the savings from the individual restaurants to almost 40,000 restaurants within this specific restaurant chain, the result is an impressive savings potential of 560 million kWh per month. With a low electricity price of €0.35 per kWh (in the EU), this corresponds to monthly savings of over €190 million. These would equal savings of $208 million. From a sustainability perspective, that’s 229,320 tons of CO2 saved – per month!

In the US, the operation of buildings accounts for 40% of energy consumption. Companies set high sustainability goals along the entire value chain. CG Smart Home can make a significant contribution to reaching them faster.

More comfort for guests and employees

In this project, the brand also takes over the intelligent control of the indoor & outdoor lighting, as well as monitors the temperature, humidity and air quality. Thanks to the App, the restaurant manager can keep an eye on their actual energy and gas consumption at all times.

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€4,200 (one-time investment) | $4,600


€4,900 € (per month) | $5,370


Under 1 month

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