Smart Home Security

A security system for every scenario

An intelligent building equipped with CG Smart Home technology monitors whether anyone gains unauthorized access and raises an alarm in case of emergency. The 360° security system detects leaking water, warns of dangers such as fire or smoke, and ensures optimal safety.

Whether it’s a smart home, residential building, or commercial property. And the best part: for our comprehensive security system, you can simply use many existing components.


The 5 pillars of smart home security


How secure is a building equipped with CG Smart Home technology against burglary?

Your CG Smart Home security system reliably protects you from unwanted guests. It detects a break-in and responds with flashing lights and loud sounds to scare off the intruder.


How does building and home automation protect people?

In case of fire, smoke, or water ingress, the intelligent building immediately alerts you. Bright flashing lights, a call or message to your phone, and much more. It even actively supports you by opening shading and doors, for example, to make it easier for rescue services to gain access and keep escape routes clear. Thus, a CG Smart Home protects its residents.


How does an intelligent building protect itself?

Flooding, hail, storms… Safety in building and home automation also means that the building itself protects against unexpected events. It informs its residents, R open windows and doors, brings shading into a safe position, and much more.


How secure is CG Smart Home to install?

In addition to protecting residents, protecting the installation is also important. Sources of danger, such as overvoltage, incorrect operation, and material fatigue can lead to unexpected consequences. That’s why we now show you which security features CG Smart Home products have.


How secure is CG Smart Home against hackers?

In many systems, the login takes place via an external page of the manufacturer. This is often the central point of attack. In the CG Smart Home security system, there is no such external point of attack. You don’t need a cloud, no internet. The most important functions are all available offline. Thus, there is no danger of cybercriminals accessing your home.

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