The technology behind CG Smart Home

Tree – Perfect for new buildings

Tree allows you to have a completely free cabling topology, where you can connect any Tree products such as lights, controls, sensors and more. Compared to a classic installation in a new building, this can save up to 80% of cabling effort.

Air – Perfect for extensions and renovation projects

The radio-based technology, Air makes it easy to expand the level of automation after moving in, if your customer wishes to. Inspire your customer with a system that works no matter what and adapts to the occupant. The subsequent commissioning of a push button, water sensor,… are easy to realize and add value to your investment. Discover the wide range of products for your project.


Products for your smart home

The Miniserver – Full scalability, infinite possibilities

The Miniserver is the heart of every CG Smart Home installation. The Miniserver works as a central control unit. To cover all areas of a building automation, the system can be expanded by means of numerous interfaces – according to your requirements and budget. From student residences to luxury penthouses.


Access solutions in residential construction – as flexible as your requirements


CG Smart Home has a range of smart access solutions ready for your multi-apartment building – perfect for your requirements of any kind. Use our Touch Pure Flex individually, in combination with our Intercom or NFC Code Touch, and create your own personalized access solution.

You only need one Intercom per residential building? No problem, thanks to the new Intercom Trust feature, your Intercom can also be used by multiple Miniserver.

Versatile application in housing

Smart Ambient Assisted Living – Supported living

With Ambient Assisted Living, CG Smart Home offers the flexibility to adapt to the age of the residents and their needs. Orientation light at night when getting up, a text-to-speech reminder to take medication, alarm functions and much more is possible. It’s not just the residents who are offered greater living comfort. The work of nursing home staff is made easier, for instance, by presence detection or emergency buttons.

Smart prefabricated houses

Modern prefab home manufacturers worldwide are responding to the increasing demand for smart home technology and offering it as a standard in their projects. This standard becomes a unique selling point and adds value to homes with prefab solutions from us.

Integrated audio is experience-driven

Powerful multiroom audio for music, security and more from any speaker.

Audio has never been experienced like this…




Integrated audio solutions for smart homes


Create a unique multiroom audio experience all-around with smart controls for your choice of speakers. Personalize your music, alarms, reminders and more.

Built-in smart features include a security alarm in case of intruders or water leaks, alarm clock to wake up easier, custom doorbell and even text-to-speech reminders if a stove is left on and more instances.

Our tip: In the  App, you have complete control of all varieties of audio in any room. Playlists, streaming services, alarms and more.


Integrated audio solutions for commercial buildings


  • With unlimited expandability and flexibility, a fully integrated audio solution is scalable for any project. In combination with any high-quality speaker, no matter if you need soft background music or bumping party beats, you get an ideally controlled atmosphere with rich, clear sound.
  • Flexible grouping allows music to play seamlessly in zones from room-to-room or even several floors of a shopping mall.
  • Our tip: Business owners especially benefit from alarm functionality with text-to-speech instructions – a new sense of security in case of potential dangers.

Features & benefits:


Use any speakers

In addition to our own line of high-quality speakers, you can integrate your favorite brand.

Simple music interface

It’s easy to control music in each room right in the App.

Various alarms

Speakers will sound an alarm if the home detects a burglar, water leak or other potential danger.


Play reminders in specific rooms. Set them in the App.


For example, start your day with your favorite wake-up playlist and end your day with a reminder.

Apple AirPlay 2

Play music from your iPhone, iPad or Mac in various zones.



Audio products

  • The Audioserver will bring the ultimate power behind any speakers as the core of your audio solution. From there, choose your speakers and products to extend the range of your system.
  • The Audioserver brings unlimited flexibility to your ideas for audio
  • Choose any CG Smart Home Speakers or third-party speakers
  • Instantly adjust music volume from a Touch switch
  • Total control of music in the App

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