Intelligent building automation system: residential or commercial

Anything that CG Smart Home can do for a home – improving comfort, safety, energy efficiency and more – can be done in any building. MDU, hotel, office, you name it. Multiple systems in a building finally work together as one all-around solution.


Apartments & MDUs

Residential housing is an even more profitable investment with our system. Energy management helps lower costs while increasing the value and appeal of your units. Improve occupant comfort, simplify the installation process and protect the building from damage.



Give guests an unmatched experience in a hotel, restaurant, bar – you name it. CG Smart Home technology helps it run more efficiently, save energy and more. This is especially helpful for building management of guest rooms, whether they’re occupied or vacant.


Office & Business

Give employees a more comfortable working environment that boosts productivity with optimal lighting, temperature and air quality. There’s plenty of functional operating modes to take advantage of for efficient building operations.


Custom Application

With the powerful combination of hardware and software, CG Smart Home is suitable for automation tasks of all kinds. Save on operating costs for a wide range of tasks. From breweries to churches, our system can efficiently control all types of projects.


Fully scalable and flexible

Depending on the size of the building, several Miniserver “brains of automation” can be combined in a single network. This Gateway/Client structure (example below) enables higher capacity and the possibility of larger sized projects. Our system has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces to connect each individual building’s automation system to the Gateway Miniserver.


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